Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We provide a safe and efficient post-operative rehabilitation based on patients’ goals and previous body functions.


Preventative Health Care

Get physical diagnostic tests to customize corrective exercises for fixing body mechanics and help you to return to work tasks and participate in recreations or sports.


Wellness & Fitness Program

We focus on athletic and non-athletic performance enhancement based on patients’ neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function deficits that are related to specific sports and recreational activities.

Working together for a healthy life

Stay healthy & fit without Pain Medication, Injections or Surgery

If you’re looking for an integrative and individualized health care service that improves your lifestyle, you need to look no further than Peachtree Physical Therapy.

Step into Peachtree PT’s Visual Journey

We are excited to share with you a visual representation of our commitment to providing personalized care and helping our patients achieve their goals.

What our clients say

Rejuvenating Movement: A Review of Our Physical Therapy Clinic’s Services

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